Who am I?


My name is Jamie and I live in the south Northamptonshire area. I am an enthusiastic photographer with a friendly and relaxed approach to photography.


I take photos at sporting events, portrait photos, couples & groups shots

and the occasional wedding. I will also take photos at events such as Birthdays and charity fund raisers all the way up to corporate functions.


My real passion is portraiture, having a good laugh with a client, putting them to ease and coming out with some fantastic shots that the client loves is one of the best feelings I can imagine as a photographer


How can I help you


Like most people looking for a photographer you are probably daunted and spoilt for choice with the number of photographers out there that can give you that perfect photo, I know I was when I first looked.


It's easy to say I can do that, book me but how can you be sure that a certain photographer is the correct one for you.

I have outlined a few simple questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a photographer:


1) Are they friendly.

You've probably had someone say this to you before but the best way to get a perfect photo is to be natural and relaxed. Anyone having their photo taken who doesn't feel comfortable to relaxed will portray that in a photo, no matter how well you try and hide it. No amount of photography skill can hide this.


2) They have experience in the area of photography you want photos of.

While it is true that a skills photographer should be able to take a good photo of anything, do you really want a good photo or do you want an amazing one. Like all trades, photography has several subsets of skills. Portraiture, landscapes and sports are just a few. A photographer who is skilled in portraiture will often be more relaxed, have some ideas that will inspire you and ultimately make you feel more relaxed


3) Don't accept something you don't deem perfect.

When booking a photographer don't choose someone who style of photography isn't your taste. You will feel uncomfortable and you want get what you are paying for, that 'perfect picture'. There are plenty of photographers out there, not everyone can find the perfect one first time.


4) They work for you.

When hiring any tradesman you want them to do what you employ them for, not what they want. Photography is no different. It is true to say that a photographer will have a view on how they believe you should stand, where to have photos taken etc. But if the photographer isn't taking your views and wants in to account then they might not care about getting your 'perfect' shot. You are hiring them, to take Photos, not to tell you what you want.


5) Ask the photographer for references, look at their work and if you think they are the correct person for you then arrange to meet up somewhere, like a coffee shop, and discuss your wishes for the photos. You'll be able to tell straight away if they are right for you. If it feels wrong, it probably is.


So what do you get?


If you are interested in a photography session with myself and would like to know more we can discuss requirements over a coffee or walk in the park. There is no obligation to use me as your photographer and there is no charge for this.


Prices vary depending on the event type and length. I have a price structure for all situations and budgets


At the end of the shoot I process all of the images (which may take a couple of weeks) and will provide you with the images, copyright free, on a USB memory stick. This means that you may use this to make as many copies as you like, upload to any website for personal use. If you require images for business or advertising use please discuss this with me prior to use.


If you would like anything printed, be it an album or a couple of photos then I am happy to offer this as an additional service.


How do I contact you?


You can contact me by either completing the form on my Contact me page or VIA my Facebook page. Please don't forget to like the page while you are there to stay updated with any events I am attending.


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